The First Year After Graduation

Graduating is an amazing experience and a celebration of all the work you’ve put into your degree. However, it’s after graduation where many grads feel lost, I talk about this and much more.

On Thursday 26th July 2018, I had officially come to the end of my university experience and graduated with a 2:1 from Birmingham City University.

All students realise that university comes to an end, after 3 or 4 years you complete your qualification and leave never to return. However, the reality of finishing university only sinks in a few days before or in my case, only a few hours before my name was going to be called out at the graduation ceremony. My final chapter of university life had come to an end before I knew it, all I could do is live in the moment of celebrating my achievements with those who had been there since the beginning. Since then I have been applying for jobs continuously, with and without success. Initially, it was a very promising journey as I had a group interview for a top marketing agency the day after graduation. My thoughts at the time were “this is almost too easy,” however I later learned that diversifying yourself from other candidates is much harder than anticipated.

Upon realising the above, I have since gained industry experience through various internships and freelance content marketing opportunities. The main feedback I have from multiple job interviews was that my lack of industry experience led to the companies choosing other candidates, thus it was crucial that I gained industry experience to develop a resume that differed to that of other marketing graduates. Having produced online video content throughout university, I had been approached to produce a series of videos on behalf of an organisation that works closely with university bodies and student accommodation organisations.

I created their first graduate series and the results were increased levels of engagement on their site. Furthermore, I also secured a short term internship at a marketing research agency in which I obtained industry knowledge on how to cultivate the appropriate survey questionnaires depending on a clients brief, developing an awareness of research methods and creating presentation packages that easily represent the data obtained.

Working closely with industry professionals, in both producing content and developing in-depth research techniques, gave me an understanding to what industry life would be like. Alongside all of this, I also worked part-time in a few charity and retail outlets. One key priority was to keep active whilst looking for a graduate job, this allowed me to evenly spread my time between working in retail and slowly building up marketing experience that would create a unique selling point for myself when a recruiter gazes at my CV.

Realising that more than just a degree is needed to enter the professional marketing landscape, this blog aims to outline and inform on my personal efforts and other key stories online.

The reason I have created this site is to showcase my work and share experiences that I believe many graduates could potentially relate to in regards to employment and seeking the right opportunities. Additionally, I will comment on industry news that relates to Marketing, Advertising, and PR and any developments within the sectors.

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