DJI – Campaign Proposal

A marketing proposal for DJI on how to increase brand awareness within the UK.

  • Strengths: Market Leader in Drone Market (70%), Revenue in 2017 = £1.9Bn
  • Weaknesses: Low market share of VR/FPV Goggle Market, Competitor Product Development
  • Solution: Highlight to key features of the DJI Goggles, Produce an integrated campaign to stimulate an emotional response and change perspective

The presentation below outlines a Situational Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Campaign Proposal consisting on strategies, marketing materials and budgets for the event suggested.

Digital Video Placement

This DJI video would stream on all social media channels. The use of fast tempo music accompanied with quick short cut-scenes are used to evoke an emotional response of excitement and anticipation for the launch of the DJI UK Tour.

Creative Materials

These outdoor digital displays would be showcased in highly populated city locations. They would be situated near to where the DJI UK Tour would take place across the city.

  • Geo-filters per location to raise local awareness and brand recognition within the local community. The use of Snapchat is to specifically target a young demographic of people who would be inclined to become regular consumers DJI products.
  • Sponsored Lenses allows for 3x more engagement than other applications. An animated lens would allow users to have a visual representation of what the drones look like mid-air and engagement with the brand.