Marketing Plan for an upcoming Birmingham based musical duo

Brief: Create a complete marketing campaign to highlight and advertise the launch of a new musical duo within the Birmingham, West Midlands area.

Strategy: Identify and target key stakeholders within the local music scene and position Distort as a innovative and fresh face to a rising music genre.

Producing Character Profiles for the duo was necessary to create a personality behind the brand, giving Distort a personality even before any music had been launched.

Through effective social media management and a clear strategy, we decided to simultaneously launch the duo the same day as their album release date to capitalise on their exposure.

We produced a radio advertisement that would be on all local and relevant radio stations to increase exposure pre-album release date.

Once settling on branding, we took action at where possible billboard placements could be located. Through multiple brainstorming sessions we decided to use their name, Distort, to represent where exactly the billboards could be located. Similar words such as grunge, dark, misplaced all related to the ethos of Distort, which paved the way to place the billboards in locations that represent this.