Browzer is a new website for students designed to make sure their up to date with everything that’s happening on their campus and in their area. Browzer are a university and accommodation body with affiliate links with the University of Liverpool, University of the Arts London and Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • The main objective was to increase brand awareness and exposure towards a student orientated demographic.

Having recently launched a YouTube channel, we came to the decision to create an online series of videos that would aid in supporting potential university applicants and current students in how to manage their lives during their university experience

Creating their first official YouTube series titled ‘Advice from a Graduate’ led to producing four videos that differed in topics all with the aim of giving advice to those in university. These ranged from Budgeting, Studying, Mental Health and Cooking.

The series above highlights the four videos created. Working closely on all ends of production from pre/post-production and understanding what Browzer wanted for their brand image to convey to students.